2006 Bangkok, Thailand

2006 icg

2006 Bangkok, Thailand

40th ICG mascot promotes unity and harmony

At the entrance of each completion venue of the 40th ICG in Bangkok, two lovely Thai elephants , Ban Chao and Ben Yen, welcomed guests just like at the official Olympics. Participants of the ICG also experience what it is like to be in the Olympics with an opening ceremonies parade of athletes, raising of the games flag, lighting of the Olympic flame and closing ceremonies to name a few.


Chesterfield has left its mark on the world! Chesterfield made a difference while in Bangkok, Thailand by personally delivering 9 boxes and suitcases full of school supplies and books to help children learn English to school children from the slums of Bangkok. The school was run by a foundation in Thailand to help end child labor by making it possible for the poorest children to attend school. The ICG Committee learned of Chesterfield’s action to help children from around the world and made it possible for Chesterfield to be invited back to additional ICG events.

Team Chesterfield International Children's Games