2007 Reykjavik, Iceland

2007 icg

2007 Reykjavik, Iceland

In an effort to include as many different countries as possible, the 2007 ICG only invited three cities from the entire United States!  Chesterfield, Virginia was selected to be the thrird US city along with Cleveland, Ohio and San Francisco, CA.  Many US cities requested invitiations, but with the International Service projects that Team Chesterfield completed, Chesterfield’s application was selected over all the other US cities requesting an invitation to the ICG.

It was amazing to see a place in the world where it was practivally light almost 24 hours a day.  Students learned about geothermal energy and were amazed to find that 2 loaves of bread could cost $11.00.  Togetherness was one underlying theme for these Games as each team was housed in school classrooms turned into dormatories.



Team Chesterfield International Children's Games