2012 Taegu, Korea

2012 icg

2012 Taegu, Korea

Chesterfield county was successfully represented a the ICG in Daegu, Korea by TEAM CHESTERFIELD athletes, coaches, and city Representative – Gretchen Simard.

After traveling more than 25 hours, the team stayed at a family run inn close to the airport in seoul.  The team then flew to Daegu and were met by Korean friends who took the team to the largest ancient temple in Daegu, visited a traditional Korean market, saw that McDonalds had delivery motorcycles,  tried almost every Korean dish in one dinner and provided the team with  guest condo with swimming pool and track where our athltes could train before a day of sightseeing.

Students and coaches stayed at Keimyung University during the Games.   The team accumulated many best times in addition to David Evers making the finals in the 1500 meter run and Megan Hunter making the finals in the 400 meter swim.  13 year old Megan ended up with a 5th place finish agains 15 year olds from around the world!

After the ICG the team traveld to Seoul by KTX Express train that travels about 200 mph.  The team visited a traditional outdoor market and tried traditional Korean street foods.  The most interesting tour was to the DMZ and JSA.  This was a moving and memorable experience for everyone as the team stood in the room where North Korea and South Korea meet for talks.  Beign in the same area that is patrolled by North Korean soldiers and exploring the tunnels discovered by south Korea are things that will forever be remembered.  WE can only hope that in our students’ lifetime, they are able to visite again and see an open border where everyone is free to travel across.  For now, our students and coaches bring back a first hand knowledge of world events and geography and are perhaps the only 12-15 year olds in all of Chesrterfield County who have ever been in the Joint Security Area of Korea!

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